New Publication with the Royal College of Nursing

Here is a link to a new article I have had published with the RCN exploring LGBTQ and Dementia.
You need a subscription (Nursing Older People) however, here are the take home messages.
● Language can play
an important part
in creating inclusive
care environments for
LGBTQ+ people with
● LGBTQ+ people with
dementia may need safe
spaces where they feel
comfortable to be their
authentic self.
● Care environments
can be more inclusive
and encourage
LGBTQ+ people to
be their authentic
self by using non-
heteronormative imagery.
● Reminiscence and other
forms of meaningful
activity and occupation
are important in
dementia care; however,
staff should consider
what is appropriate
for LGBTQ+ people
with dementia and be
prepared to validate
● Care settings should be
inclusive of s…
Here is a video of an interview I had with Elder a live in care company, we explored LGBTQ and dementia and the need for safe spaces for older LGBTQ individuals for Pride Month. 
(Click read more for the video)
Below is a link to Pink News' ageing summit where care for older people was discussed. I was lucky enough to attend and be part of this project. There is also a copy of their report on older LGBTQ care at the bottom of the site.

PinkNews Ageing Summit 

Age UK 'safe to be me'
A link to a fantastic guide exploring the needs of older LGBTQ individuals.
Over the Rainbow LGBT Dementia Report 
This is a fantastic summary of some research into LGBT and dementia
LGBTQ and Dementia- Alzheimers Society 

This is a fantastic webpage exploring appropriate support for a LGBTQ individual if they have dementia